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“And my whole profile is there, everything.” Judging by the messages he received, Debiak says it seemed like the account had been reopened for about a week. Not only do I not want email notifications — I don’t want to be on your website, A Match Group spokesperson confirmed that a “limited number” of old accounts had been accidentally reactivated recently and that any account affected received a password reset.“I contacted customer service, and they said, ‘Oh, we’re sorry you got email notifications. Match.com’s current privacy statement, which was last updated in 2016, says that the company can “retain certain information associated with your account” even after you close it.“I don’t blame those people who saw my profile and winked at me, but I’m sorry, I’m happily married.” Data retention policies, especially in the US, can vary from company to company.Match Group owns data from thousands of users, and — as recent scandals and controversies regarding the consequences of user data retention have taught us — it doesn’t have to be completely transparent about what it’s doing with that data.

(It reportedly tried to buy Bumble last year, and it’s now embroiled in a messy lawsuit with the app involving trade secrets and intellectual property.) Ok Cupid allows users to delete or disable their accounts but still retains data.WTFFFFF https://t.co/SRcjw JJto4— jelly donuts (@jennalisetwts) April 14, 2018 Jason Debiak also told his wife about the rogue profile immediately, but he later found out that some of her friends had seen it, and thought it was evidence of something more sinister.“That would’ve caused quite an issue if I hadn’t seen those emails,” he says.That lawsuit was later voluntarily dismissed by Graf.In an increasingly privacy-conscious world, the sudden zombie appearance of an old social media profile would be an unnerving experience for anyone.

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