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These traits are usually not isolated ones; rather, they appear in varying degrees and amounts in most learning disabled students. Teaching learning disabled youngsters will present you with some unique and distinctive challenges.Not only will these students demand more of your time and patience; so, too, will they require specialized instructional strategies in a structured environment that supports and enhances their learning potential.As in the case of learning disabled students, giftedness usually means a combination of factors in varying degrees and amounts. If there's one constant about gifted students it's the fact that they're full of questions (and full of answers).They're also imbued with a sense of inquisitiveness. These two skill areas are important for anyone learning mathematics, but are especially important for students with learning disabilities.These areas should be heavily emphasized in the teaching and remediation of mathematical concepts and skills.

Teachers take existing lesson plans and provide either accommodations or modifications to enable the student with special needs to have optimum success.While the majority of a student’s program should be as closely aligned with the general education curriculum as possible, some accommodations and modifications may be necessary.Listed below are some suggested ways to aid students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) learn more effectively at home or at school.Students of high ability, often referred to as gifted students, present a unique challenge to teachers.They are often the first ones done with an assignment or those who continually ask for more creative and interesting work.

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