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This city is one of the most diverse in the United States and is rich with tradition and customs from all over the world.

I met my bf in a language meetup group, but it was almost entirely based on luck because we were basically the only two young, single, fairly stable people in the group. There's some great late 20s/early 30s single people out here, mostly from out of town, but it'll take some luck and persistence to keep putting yourself in social situations to meet them. If you wouldn't mind PMing me some info on that I would greatly appreciate it. It took me a while, in fact I'd about given up on it.

The entire city wears a uniform of casual clothes, which is fantastic if you aren’t one for dressing up just to go to the grocery store.

Even if they wear shorts more than suits, people in Albuquerque know how to dress other things up.

Because of that, it’s easy to know a lot of people in your area, and the size of the city is belied by a small-town feeling of familiarity.

The city’s nickname, The Duke City, comes from the Duke of Albuquerque, for whom the settlement was originally named.

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