Alice dating russia

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Boris Mezdrich knows the price that theatre directors can pay in Russia if authorities believe they go too far on stage.

In 2015, he was sacked from a state-funded theatre in Siberia’s Novosibirsk after Church officials complained that his interpretation of a Wagner opera was offensive.

His supporters see the case as part of a growing clampdown on artistic freedom under President Vladimir Putin.

Siberian-born Didenko is one of many arts figures to attend the ongoing trial of Serebrennikov, whom he describes as a role model who “completely changed” Russian theatre.

Alice was built not only to speak and understand the Russian language fluently but also to understand local slang.Speaking in Moscow’s Taganka Theatre, he says the play — called “Run, Alice, Run” — was his reaction to the arrest of leading theatre and film director Kirill Serebrennikov, which shook Moscow’s theatre circles in August 2017.Serebrennikov has since then been on trial accused of embezzling state funds.Unable to find work in theatre for more than three years afterwards, Mezdrich was recently appointed director of Moscow’s contemporary Praktika Theatre.Speaking in the central Moscow theatre, Mezdrich says his case and that of Serebrennikov have made Russian theatre directors “think twice about their work”.“We speak in a different language to the culture ministry,” he says.

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