Anil kumar international dating

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It is no surprise that the oh-so-pretty Raveena Tandon caught the attention of one of the most flamboyant Bollywood actor of all times and dated him to the point of getting engaged.

Let’s see who gets the gal and take a look at the mostly inconspicuous love life of this dainty diva of the 90s. The film was a success and within no time Raveena was catapulted to stardom and stole the limelight as the fresh face of Hindi film industry.

Although it was quite obviously a mistake from Akshay’s end, she forgot and forgave everything to maintain an amicable relationship with him.

This was something, which had come as a rude shock to Raveena but was nothing surprising for many since Akshay was known for his flirty demeanour, and in the past had dated women like Pooja Batra and Ayesha Jhulka.

Looking at this, we can say that Anil is spending a very luxurious life along with his family.

Along with this, the net worth of his wife Raveena is also estimated at million.

in 1996, Akshay started growing closer to his co-actor who was the popular actress Rekha.

This did not go down well with Raveena, who was already frustrated by the news/rumours of Akshay’s roving eye.

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