Anything for a green card dating

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And at the end of that two-year period, you’d be expected to turn in another application (USCIS Form I-751), containing yet more evidence of your shared life, and both your signatures.

If USCIS isn’t convinced by your application, then the two of you would be called in for another interview, and the whole fraud might be exposed.

If you're looking to get a family-based green card, you may want to talk to an attorney to find out if they can help with the process.

Hiring an attorney to help with the petition process adds legal fees, but a professional may help to expedite your case and avoid any legal problems.

Let’s say that you got through the interview successfully, and you are awarded a green card.

You’d take a look at it and notice that it has a two-year expiration date on it. immigration law, if your marriage is less than two years old at the time of your initial approval, you must go through another two-year testing period (called "conditional residence") before you get a permanent green card.

That obligation lasts for approximately ten years, even if you divorce! The interview also gives the immigration authorities an opportunity to ask you lots of probing and personal questions.

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(Per-country limits apply, and demand tends to be particularly high from India, Mexico, China, and the Philippines.) You must wait for your priority date to become current before you can take the next step and apply for your immigrant visa and green card under this category.

There is no getting around that, however, regardless of which category of green card you apply within.

After you are approved for permanent residence, however, the very speed with which you got through the process may introduce one inconvenience: If your marriage was less than two years old at the time you became a U. resident, your residence will initially be only "conditional," and you will see a two-year expiration date on your green card.

Given this long wait, it would be beneficial for your permanent resident spouse to look into applying for U. citizenship as soon as he or she is eligible for it.

More information on this can be found in this overview article on Steps to Become an American Citizen.

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