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Ava's favorite sport is basketball, she is not into football and she likes rock music, but her guilt pleasure is pop.

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Ava enjoys girls and even had a years long relationship with a girl, but she does not describe herself as a lesbian because she loves men too much.

A year later Ava Addams decided to expand her porn career and started doing boy-girl scenes as well. Although she enjoys porn a lot and nothing is stopping her from quitting, she said when (if) she will quit, she might get back in the medical field.

Before she started doing boy-girl scenes she was dating this guy who was against it. Growing up in the US, Ava Addams did not get a chance to learn how to talk dirty in French.

She grew up in Houston, Texas and fluently speaks French and passively Spanish.

As a kid she did a lot of traveling with her parents visiting Morocco, Normandy, Spain and south of France.

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