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Date of Birth 23 September 1974, Cameron, North Carolina, USA Birth Name Matthew Moore Hardy Nickname Matt Matt Hardy Version 1 The Sensei of Mattitude The Angelic Diablo Height 6' 1" (1.85 m) Biography Being trained by wrestling legend 'Doris Funk, Jr.', Mattthew "Matt" Hardy has become one of the most gifted and talented performers in sports-entertainment.

Before going into the WWF (Now WWE) along with his brother Jeff Hardy, the Hardy Boyz (or the Haryz) ran their own promotion called Organization of Modern Extreme Arts (OMEGA) wrestling, in which Matt went into as High Voltage.

Then Moore had his follower who would later join, Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood), which Moore would call his "Moore-on".

The stable would later being disbanded after Crash was release and Matt would move back to Raw to continue with the storyline with girlfriend Lita.

The following year, they really made a name for themselves when they faced the Dudleyz and Edge and Christian again, but this time, in a TLC (Tables and Ladders and Chairs) Match (Same rules apply to a Ladder Match, but this time, with tables and chairs). Both Matt and Lita would begin an off-screen (later on-screen) relationship with Lita.

Their final confrontation was in a ladder match (which Edge never lost) and whoever loses, would leave Raw.

A side from the whole storyline it was all stupid and crazy."Okay, so I'm supposed to be getting ready for my tag match. The referee was busy trying to break John and Edge up. Lita got nailed with a chick kick and Trish went for the pin. Five more of my friends are going to be excited enlightened by this new information," Jennifer said."I'm sure Randy and Stacy would be glad to hear that," Trish said."So are you two dating in real life too? I promise you'll have a great time," John said."Sounds good. Trish got to the Women's Locker Room and she opened the door and walked in. " Lisa and Torrie chorused."How are the make out secessions? " Trish and Torrie yelled as they ran over and hugged their best friends."Hi," Stacy said hugging them both."Oh I missed you, girl," Trish said."I missed you too. There they saw Ashley sitting with Matt Hardy and one other person. I've got back with one of my old girlfriends," Jeff said."Glad to hear that," Trish said. So did Jericho and Christian," Matt said."Well, now Trish is off somewhere upset! I don't have the feelings for you that I thought I had," Trish said."Trish, please don't do this! He had finally gotten his change to be with her and then it was suddenly taken away from him. Trish was wearing a black spaghetti strap tank top that had hot pink ribbon tying in the front and she black pants. She had had her hair in pink tails all day."Yo, Trish! Trish stopped in her tracks and turned to see John. "Hey John," Trish said."Hey," John said walking up to her and smiling."What's up? My match with Mickie is up next," Trish said."I know. When she got into the ring she walked over to the side the ring where the camera was and held up her title. Trish then walked over to the opposite side of the ring and held up her title. Trish looked at her."I think it should be known that you haven't heard the last of me, Trish. Trish walked over to the side of the ring and asked for a microphone.

I'm supposed to be stretching in the hallway and suddenly John comes up to me. Edge got to the outside of the ring and went for a steel chair. She got the referee's attention and then pointed Edge out. " Jennifer asked."Well, we did have a date last night and this is our second one. But if excuse me, I'll let you two get back to eating and thanks for the autographs," Jennifer said."You're welcome," Trish said."Always nice meeting a fan," John said. Trish and John looked at each other."So you wondering what we'd be doing if you stayed in Atlanta with me for the next few days," John said."Yup," Trish said with a smile."Well, we could watch some movies, listen to music, play videogames, you know," John said."That would in the hotel room. " Trish said."Well, we're only gonna be here until Friday and it's only a.m. Trish nodded her head."We'll do whatever you want too," John said. "Hey girls," Trish said when she walked in."Hey," Torrie and Lisa Marie said."Oh my god, the last two days have been the best of my life so far," Trish said."What happened? We just stayed in his hotel room and played video games, watched movies, listened to music and just had fun. But I wanna hear everything that went on with you and John," Stacy said."Of course," Trish said. With other girls I would have, but with Trish it's different, man. I'm moving slowly with Trish, but also remaining my cool self," John said."Good. I enjoyed tickling her to death and making her laugh. Trish stopped dead in her tracks."Hey Stacy," Ashley said. "Excuse me." Trish then quickly walked out of the catering room."Trish! She then walked over to the drink table and grabbed a bottle of water. John had had enough of finally getting something and then getting it taken away from him. I know you don't need to be wished good luck, because you're the Women's Champion and all. Trish walked out from behind the curtain and held her title up.

During this time, he would create the term "Mattitude".

On Smackdown, he had his M'Fer (Mattitude Follower), Shannon Moore.

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