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Graphics: 8/10 – Not perfect but still pleasing to the eye Sound: 6/10 – The music is trying too hard to be retro!

Gameplay: 8/10Overall: 7/10Plus Points:07/11/2011 - Pharmk372 Hello!

My biggest gripe was the fact that they scrapped the western story canon in favour of the Japanese storyline which, quite frankly, sucks. Meant as a direct sequel to Sonic & Knuckles it certainly had a lot to live up to and the titling provoked much nerd rage amongst many of the old school fans. Any shop that provided a guarantee for their work should have confidence that the work is of good quality.[url= Mango uk[/url] [url= مزورة[/url] Features given me so much peace, a possibility from the anxiety and monotony that this crazy world can give.A considerable amount of my childhood was spent playing the games and reading the comic and so being asked to disregard all that fictitious knowledge was too much for my liking. Unfortunately it failed to live up to the standards of the classic Mega Drive games but anyone thinking that it would should be twatted around the head with a stick until they relinquish their madness. So why is this my fifth favourite game of 2010 then?

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