Biracial mothers dating dating for 7 years and no commitment

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They have no problem with me being a single mother but once I tell them the color of child the racists just run away...

First couple of years was really difficult for me, my father disowned me, dropped out of college early and started working.There's a big difference between claiming you have no money vs not having money to buy a new laptop. I had no trouble dating whoever I chose as the single white mother of not one, not two, not three, but FOUR biracial kids. I don't care where you are, but any father or mother that does not take care of their kids in some way or form, who is not disabled or incapacitated, is a loser. Oh, and I'm not a "slightly plump uneducated white girl with blonde hair who no white guys would be interested in" (as has been put out here over and over again on this stupid thread). I'm curious as to these stats, I can't find them though.. They talk about the family unit as we know disappearing... In countries that are not consumer societies there is no such thing as a dead beat dad. No child will die of hunger in the a nation of abundant food and shelter.Anyone know the percentage of Asian single moms where the father is white? Why would you assume that white single mothers with biracial kids expected their AA boyfriend to marry them "by virtue of their white skin" when they became pregnant? The dead beat dad is about getting money from a man in order to maintain a western style existence.

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