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Adenosine pairs with thymidine while cytosine pairs with guanidine.Since 13% of the DNA is adenosine it means that 13% must be thymidine (since in a double stranded piece of DNA there are no bases without partners). 100% (total DNA)-26% (adenine and thymidine) = 74% (cytosine and guanidine). The herpes's simplex virus thymidine kinase can phosphorylate the drug into its monophosphate.Our data demonstrated changes in early cortical lamination and aberrant thalamic axon trajectories in these mice.Specifically, LI was thicker, and cell-dense and thalamic axons did not accumulate in the SP layer before invading the CP.

The subsequently born cortical plate (CP) cells split this layer into the superficial layer I (LI) and the deep subplate (SP).Interneurons in the CNS are primarily inhibitory, and use the neurotransmitter GABA or glycine.However, excitatory interneurons using glutamate in the CNS also exist, as do interneurons releasing neuromodulators like acetylcholine.Cal R immunohistochemistry and bromo-deoxyuridine birthdating confirmed the abnormality in position of the earliest generated cortical cells of mutants.These observations suggest that the p35/Cdk5 pathway plays a role in preplate splitting in addition to regulating layer formation.

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