Black dating site woman

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The respondents represented a diversity of educational and financial backgrounds.

Almost half of them have never been married; 34 percent are currently married; and the remaining percentages are either divorced, widowed or separated.

According to the study, there’s still a “mixed” message when it comes to Black women dating other races If there is a preference for marrying men of another race, it would be those of Hispanic descent, according to the study, with a strong 39 percent of respondents agreeing/strongly agreeing and only 26 percent disagreeing or strongly disagreeing.

In second place come White men, with 28 percent of respondents agreeing/strongly agreeing with that preference and 42 percent disagreeing/strongly disagreeing.

Seven hundred participants completed the survey, which was fielded in February 2019.

Nearly 350 were female, and a plurality (79 percent) self-identified as Black/African-American.

Here is the current status of the unmarried Black women respondents.: With these statistics in mind, let’s see what Black women today want (information that many men might pay handsomely for). Even in these digital days, physical word of mouth and networking are still where it’s at when it comes to meeting Mr. According to the study, the best ways to meet men is through friends (25 percent).

Next comes social clubs and places of worship (churches/mosques), both at 12 percent.

Sorry, guys, but the old standby of the bar fared poorly with the ladies; only 8 percent of respondents claim it was a suitable place to meet a partner.

Valentine’s Day came and went like a Space X Cupid’s arrow.

Romance was in the air on that day, but what about the rest of the year when it comes to Black women?

With all that in mind, 60 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree it is fine to date without wanting a serious commitment.

Black women and interracial relationships It’s good to see Spike Lee finally winning an Oscar, and it’s good to remember his explorative film Jungle Fever (which also helped catapult the careers of Wesley Snipes and Samuel L. Have things changed since Lee’s 1991 understanding of what happens in interracial relationships?

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