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On a related point people complain about Gas rams leaking/loosing power, Theoben do not make these so its hardly a fault of thiers but being on the front line they are bound to get all the flak for it.I own 2 Theobens an .22 SLR98 and a .20 Evolution and enjoy them both I don't have a favourite but if I said which ever one I happen to be shoting at the time is my favourite you would be right in thinking that I love them both this aso inludes my Webley Axsor. You need to put things into perspective and look a bit wider at the root causes for these things. I have an old rifle to send them for a complete strip down and reblue.I asked about availability at the moment and was asked, because of the current situation over the move hold up, could I wait a month or so before sending it to them. The modern generation have come to expect everything immediately - patience is a virtue though!I thin you'll find that their wem manager isn't very good because they got hacked three times in as many weeks.The login thing is just to try and protect their website from the hackers.Another example of the fine customer service we have come to expect from Theoben!

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Not that you'll find the serial numbers there anyway as they are available from the airgun with permission of theoben.

I think girls fight is much more agressive than boys fight. : P There was a fight like that in my high school while I was still going there.

We do free figthing in Wing Tsun and it's terrifing to see girls fight. It was just like the one described above, except the girl with the missing shirt looked like a Sumo Wrestler's girlfriend who got hit in the face with a lead pipe. Edited by - taekwondorob on December 02 2002 When I was in 10th grade, one of my nieighbors got into trouble when a girl in her class told the teacher that she was copying someone else's homework. 1) She ratted out a skinny white girl that was into dating mexican guys, so she had to prove she was tougher than any mexican chick.

This one woman stopped her car and yelled from the window "isn't somebody going to stop her?

" we all looked at the lady like she was stupid and then she drove off.

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