Bon jovi dating

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Jon and Dorothea had been on and off as a couple for a decade prior to that.

But, aside from a brief pre-marital dalliance with actress Diane Lane, the rocker hasn't been publicly linked to any other sweeties besides his first crush. a good name.[Related: Is Natalie Portman secretly married?

They even treated punters to a rare rendition of Always, which was such a special moment, as the tune was welcomed by a sea of phones lighting up the stadium like stars.

After bouncing around the stage, JBJ stayed close to his microphone for the hit, making sure he smashed the vocals.

Bon Jovi hasn't offered a great deal of insight into the inner workings of his 23-year marriage, but he has said, "'The fact she's independent and isn't needy or possessive helps, and she is just a very strong woman… More recently, asked by London's Observer what kind of husband he was, he laughed, "One that runs away a lot more often than not. "'I've been cognizant of the fact that relationships have been breaking up around us, but it hasn't made me cling to her or the other way around.

After more than three decades in the spotlight, Bon Jovi reflected on being part of the legendary band that has written timeless anthems."A lot of our songs have touched peoples’ lives and on momentous occasions, graduations, birthdays, weddings," he said."We’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few of them.

And the history that goes with them travels now through generations."Despite playing in front of millions of people during his career, Bon Jovi said it is still a "humbling" experience."It’s humbling.

The tunes, however, were still every inch captivating, and when you had the likes of It’s My Life and Living On A Prayer to look forward to, you could barely complain.

David Bryan, who has played keys for Jovi since the beginning of time was phenomenal in every possible way, as well as the other OG member of the group Tico Torres – who did not disappoint.

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