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Many of Dice's supporters whom he shunned during his anti-Alex Jones period for questioning him have since vented their anger at Dice on his Facebook page and You Tube channel.

Dice previously hosted his own short-lived radio show, John Conner's Resistance Radio, when he went under the pseudonym John Conner. Dice has also posted videos on his You Tube channel with clickbait titles, purporting to show the ignorance of the average American but in reality just a flamboyant display of nutpicking and confirmation bias.

Dice also points to the growing prevalence of 'Satanism' in the music industry and will use anti-Christian quotes made by entertainers as further evidence of Christian persecution.

Dice has long believed that America is full of sex slaves: Unsurprisingly, he loved Pizzagate.

He points to a wide variety of nonsensical "evidence" to support his claim.

For example, in 2014 Dice called for college sports teams with devil mascots to change their names as he saw it as "anti-Christian bigotry" (ignoring the fact that other faiths also profess belief in literal 'devils').

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For a brief period, Dice mocked Jones in a series of weekly "Alex Jones Parody Videos" he posted on his You Tube channel, some of which were actually quite amusing.

The relationship between Dice and Jones was mended in mid-2013 and now Dice has returned to being a frequent guest on Jones' show.

By 2019, much of Dice's earlier content on the Illuminati and conspiracy theories has been deleted from his You Tube channel and he appears to have rebranded himself as a Trump supporting everyday conservative who wants to "find a cure" for liberalism (apparently watching a two-hour sporting event once a year will destroy America) and a load of other nonsense.

This relationship with Jones ceased in 2011, following a dispute which he outlined in one of his You Tube videos.

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