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The horse has to yield, never by force, but by energy. Good horse handles walk into the barn and take charge. Style of Communication Non Traditional I participate in discussion forums and understand INTJ females talk in a straight, unemotional guy like manner.The directness, clarity and energy are not typical of a woman. I am not a type A personality, rather I’ve learned to be self-sufficient and rarely wait for a task to be completed, preferring to figure it out and do it myself.They are fastidious, industrious and highly organized.ISTJ Strengths ISTJ’s have strong powers of focus, thrive in routines, follow the rules and prefer stability.They value inner wisdom gained by social interactions.However, sooner rather than later, feelings as being the driver in decision-making are recognized and not allowed to rule, especially when it comes to finance, education and employment.The message, be a friend to Earth and not a burden, appealed to me and was a strong driver behind not following the norm of home and family.I walk my talk and rarely explain my choices to anyone.

Everyone brings in different strengths and goals on the job. Yes, I spoke with others and sought out companionship.

The idea of being inside all day long, sitting at a desk, milling around people and following rules sounded like a cage.

As an introvert, the need to separate from the crowd was strong. The only career goal I had at the time was to work with horses.

They’d rather work things out with a few colleagues or go alone. They are social beings but prefer interaction with close family or friends; the fewer the better.

ISTJ’s prefer quiet, restful, neat and predictable environments.

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