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Hipster-approved singles events are jumping out of the woodwork at a surprising rate.

Love baking and fancy meeting a fella in a warm tent?

Join the cool cats at The Big London Bake event or go Speed Darting.

I am yet to meet a woman who has met any men at a book club or art class.

It is a complete cliché, but having conducted extended research, I can tell you running clubs and British Military Fitness (BMF) classes are where the men are.

These clubs tend to be very sociable too, so go for a pint after your sweaty session and compare your personal bests on Strava, a social network for runners and cyclers.

There's nothing like living in London, with new events popping up daily.

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Without an army of people around her, she met loads of nice chaps.We bring together single Londoners to take part in events such as wine tasting, dinners and dancing, classes in cooking and photography, and relaxed drinks in London’s bars on Match nights.By registering with Match you’ll always be first to hear about these – giving you the best chance of finding a date. There are also tips on how to improve your profile, whether you’re new to online dating or not.You’ll find out how to stay safe online, how to make your profile stand out with the three photographs every profile needs, and even help with what to wear on a date.

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    Each event offers a unique structure and theme so you can choose where you feel most comfortable.