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A man stands in the doorway of Agent Dillon’s bedroom, and, sent by the one known as The Scientist, he is about to take control of this hot little pair.

Soon enough, both saucy maidens are being tightly cleave gagged with linen handkerchiefs fond in Dillon’s boudoir drawer.

By the time they are rescued, the mission will be lost – along with the feeling in their limbs! Super-cute Miss Toy is a budding stage actress who that previous week had been on a night out with the guild.

Flopping around on their sides and backs, clearly these naked, highly edible damsels are in big trouble. And while they do that, we’ll babysit these two luscious vixens, marveling once more at just how does Borderland get ‘em so good! ***All productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production. One fat mouth called Monty, a little worse for wear booze-wise, let it slip over his 16th pint of Old Speckled Hen that there is an abandoned school of film, built on government grants and hope, not too far from here, where, despite going defunct just 6 months after opening, they haven’t actually stopped making movies! Expecting trouble, the beautiful actress is about to leave, when suddenly she discovers that now she CAN’T leave.

Rolling around all over the bedroom, trying to get to their feet and unable to, the babes kneel in front of the bed, on which is Dillon’s lap-top, and following some highly entertaining gag talking and twisting round, they manage to leap onto the bed one at a time and are soon flat out, trying to use their noses to access the screen.

Comical, to say the least, and the babes aren’t faring too well. Grinding around on their tummies, the hot, naked agents grow more frustrated, and evidently have made just a little too much noise, for just then, the door is flung wide, and the goon fills the frame, glaring at the busy little bees,. How dare he shove a length of wood between her teeth and tie it in with straps.

Bound and gagged in another bedroom, the ladies struggle defiantly, rolling in against each another, boobs pressed together, bottoms twitching maddeningly as they squirm.

They knew one thing for certain: they had to somehow get to that lap-top and wipe their intel before these crooks can access it and scupper the entire investigation.

There was just one problem: They were heavily bound and gagged, to prevent them from accomplishing just this feat! Two exceptionally gorgeous, naked ladies pore over the case notes against a crooked scientist and secret gang boss, in Agent Daisy Dillon’s bedroom.

They can hear the goon going wild downstairs and seize the opportunity to hop off like sexy busty bunnies out of this room and along the passage. If they can just reach Daisy’s lap-top, they can send to HQ and then wipe their case notes.

When they eventually get out of this jam, they’ll have all they need back against these fuckers - hard.

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