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Following the "Zero Sex" single, Demone opted to leave the band.

Valor recorded the two-part All the Love All the Hate concept album (1989) in collaboration with Nick the Bastard, which spawned the double A-side single "We Fall Like Love"/"I Hate You".

Williams was eventually joined by guitarist Rikk Agnew of the band Adolescents, James Mc Gearty on bass guitar and George Belanger on drums.

This line-up was responsible for producing the band's best known work, their 1982 debut album Only Theatre of Pain, which was highly influential in the development of the style of music known as deathrock, as well as on the American gothic scene which also produced bands such as 45 Grave.

Williams grew up in the eastern suburb of Pomona in a Christian family.

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Williams' reclamation of the Christian Death name sparked a fierce battle with Kand.

After this, Williams' version released The Path of Sorrows album in 1993 and The Rage of Angels in 1994.

A 1993 show featuring Only Theatre of Pain-era members Williams, Agnew and Belanger (along with bassist Casey Chaos) performing live at Los Angeles' Patriot Hall was recorded and later released in 2001 as a DVD by Cleopatra. Meanwhile, Kand's Christian Death continued performing and recording, issuing the 1990 album Insanus, Ultio, Proditio, Misercordiaque, on which Kand conducted the English Abbey Choir and the Commonwealth Chamber Orchestra. Her first concert with Christian Death took place at the Contemporary Festival, held at the Anfitheatro delle Cascine in Florence, Italy on 12 July 1991.

In mid-1985, Williams left Christian Death, in part due to his increasing interest in experimental music and performance art.

Kand took over leadership, serving as lead singer and songwriter. Their first post-Williams album was 1986's Atrocities, a concept album about the aftereffects of World War II on the European psyche, which was followed by 1987's The Scriptures, recorded by a revamped lineup of Kand, Demone, Glass, guitarist James Beam and bassist Kota.

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