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From 1954 to 1956, Walken and his brother Glenn originated the role of Michael Bauer on the soap opera The Guiding Light.In 1963, he appeared as a character named Chris in an episode of Naked City, starring Paul Burke.In 1966, Walken played the role of King Philip of France in the Broadway premiere of The Lion in Winter.In 1969, Walken guest-starred in Hawaii Five-O as Navy SP Walt Kramer.During this time, he was credited as Ronnie Walken.Over the next two years, he appeared frequently on television (landing a role in the experimental film Me and My Brother) and had a thriving career in theatre.

He landed a regular role in the 1953 television show The Wonderful John Acton as the show's narrator.Walken has also played the lead in the Shakespeare plays Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Coriolanus.He is a popular guest-host of Saturday Night Live, hosting seven times.In 1964, he changed his first name to Christopher at the suggestion of Monique van Vooren, who had a nightclub act in which Walken was a dancer and who believed the name suited him better than Ronnie (a pet form of his given name, Ronald), which he was credited as until then.Walken made his feature film debut with a small role opposite Sean Connery in Sidney Lumet's The Anderson Tapes. The Happiness Cage, Walken played his first starring role. Paul Mazursky's 1976 film Next Stop, Greenwich Village had Walken, under the name "Chris Walken", playing fictional poet and ladies' man Robert Fulmer.

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