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Consolidating and de-duping the libraries would be worth it. One worry I had was how to make sure I got hold of all the originals from i Photo.

Due to the aforementioned space constraint I couldn't just export all the photos and thus create new copies. i Photo stores its originals in a Masters directory, along parallel directories for Previews and Thumbnails.

A problem with the MD5 hash approach would be if duplicate copies of images had different image metadata.

This could be the case is some copies had had their dates adjusted or if i Photo where changing the EXIF information when you star photos or tag faces in them.

Thus I just ran my program on the Masters directory.

One risk would be losing edits to images, but I was OK with this.

Drag your pointer to enclose two Events that are next to one another.Since i Photo doesn't use hardlinks but copies the photos into its library (to avoid nasty surprises if someone decided to edit the file in a different location, no doubt) this ate up disk fast; and I had to delete the existing libraries under the different accounts to make room.Since I had Time Machine backups (yes, plural—I rotate two Time Machine disks) I felt OK doing this. We only needed to because we had imported the same photos into multiple photo albums.In the end I had 255 directories with on average 130 files in each.I imported these directories into a brand new i Photo library roughly ten at a time.

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