Consolidating police fire departments

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"Money is an issue because obviously Dorset would have to pay more money for police services than what they're paying now, and I think probably Manchester would have some money issues, too." - Alan Gould, Municipal Resources, Inc.

vice president Steve Jeffery, the executive director of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns is seeing other communities around the state exploring possible consolidations. At the same time, Jeffrey says, historically independent Vermont communities are sometimes are leery of consolidation efforts, fearing a loss of local control.

Dorset, that has seen an increase in breaking and entries, they would get a police department that could respond very, very quickly.” O’Keefe adds that Dorset residents are looking for “police that can actually solve crimes, not just take reports.” "We've kind of got a fundamental shortage of first response.

The rescue squad based in Manchester, they do a fantastic job.

The Mc Grath Consulting Group's methodology helps define proper levels of response and services as well as the dollars needed to provide that service.

The consultants recommended turning it into a municipal agency within the town’s fire department.Mc Grath helps cities, towns, villages, townships, counties, and states by identifying ways to improve public safety, facilities, labor, and equipment issues.Most challenges involve a complex mix of vision and mission, operating policies and procedures, higher expectations by the public, increasing regulatory mandates, and sometimes decreasing revenues."In Manchester's case, under the recommendations of the study, Manchester would get 24-7 coverage,” O’Keefe says.“So we'd be getting more police officers, more coverage, more hours in the day, the week and the year.

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