Cost of validating a marketing lead

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When it comes to return on investment of lead-generation campaigns, said Lead Jen, “investing in clean and accurate data positively influences both the Return and the Investment of ROI.” Why the need for such vigilance in maintaining clean lists?

As Marketo relates, customer lists undergo substantial “information rot” that typically will cause email and phone numbers to degrade between 1% and 10% per month.

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Yet, as we explained in a previous pricing strategy post, you’ll never figure out 100% of the costs within your business nor the costs to your customer.

Instead, we’re a strong advocate of approaching your pricing strategy as a process.

You already have processes for customer acquisition, product development, and even bookkeeping.

With so many stakeholders who approach pricing from multiple different angles, of course the discussion will sit lightly upon the precipice between collaboration and an all out brawl.

Well, at least that’s what happens in a pragmatic organization.

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