Couple marries after online dating

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We’re spending more on dating apps today than we are on entertainment services. Here, three women who’d almost given up hope tell us their stories of finally striking (swiping?

According to Sky News, in the third quarter of 2018, UK spending on the top 10 dating apps rose to £23.1 million from £14.5 million.

As are such esoteric self-esteem eroders as 'ghosting' and 'orbiting'.

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Hopefully their union would be one of those social media relationships with happy endings.The common practice is that after a man and lady meet online, they get to know each other for some time before deciding if they would like to live together forever as a couple.However in the case of Paul and Sarah Edwards, things were a bit different.After the pair got married, groom David, a father-of-four, said that he hoped Carolyn would forgive him for not asking her to marry him earlier in life.The impact of social media in the lives of single individuals cannot be over emphasised.

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