Dating a banker anonymus

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If you were a nice enough person I wouldn't cast judgement haha if anything i would be embarrassed by for fear of instant rejection, and cool, just wanted to know if you were thinking of a financial career as that would make you less likely to judge thanks for answering Surely they would be more attractive to girls due to the high wages they earn, thats what a lot of girls want(even if they won't admit it) they need to ensure that a man has the financial security to provide well for their children and this derives from evolution where women passed on their genes if they mated with men who could provide the food and this can't simply be erased by hundreds of years of development.

For our fourth instalment of Not A Trophy Wife, Cat, a 26-year-old woman in marketing discusses what it's like to live with her investment-banker boyfriend.He looked extremely good in his suit because of his height and build, very tall with broad and muscly shoulders.He was opinionated, always giving his opinion and speaking out in class and when he did everybody listened carefully. I've never met anyone who was such a smooth talker, so charismatic and…. It's like my dream guy stepping out of my dream.We interviewed a woman who earned £240,000 after selling her start-up — before she moved to Shanghai and began earning £29,000 while her husband made £190,000.We went through the finances of a woman who makes half of what her partner makes, but pays an equal amount in rent.

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