Dating a mistress

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What goes around comes around, especially for Ramona Singer‘s ex-husband.A source told Page Six on Wednesday that Mario Singer dumped his mistress-turned-girlfriend Kasey Dexter after using a hidden camera to catch her having an affair in their West Palm Beach, Fla., home.Despite Kasey leaving the former couple’s home, Mario is still out for revenge.

“Mario told Kasey he’ll never marry her or have kids with her, so she f—ked up,” our source told us, claiming that he “emotionally abused her” and told her that “she’s only good for fake tits and fake lips.” The source also claimed that Mario had physically abused Kasey in the past, fracturing her hand during one altercation.Unless you have a busy career and close social network of friends and family, you will feel lonely as he spoils his family on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, long weekends, Christmas and New Year's Eve.You may receive untraceable or consumable gifts in lieu of real time together.You have come this far; surely he cannot live in duality for much longer.Life is about taking risks, especially for true love, right? If you think this is the first time he has stepped out of his marriage, think again.

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