Dating a vietnamese american guy

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Your ultimate goal of a conversation with a hot Vietnamese woman is to get her; your short-term goal is to demonstrate your value and personality.Always remember that your short-term goals should work for your ultimate goal.Many Vietnamese ladies in their early 20s are eager to get married, but you will probably be surprised when you find out that so many of them are still virgins even when they are 25.If a hot Vietnamese girl doesn’t want to go home with you after a few dates, that’s not a rejection.” If you are just another boring White guy, you won’t get her (or even if you can get her, you can’t keep her.) Think about how Donald Trump got girls. Women are attracted to him because of his high value and his unique personality.In fact, Donald Trump has the best game that I’ve ever seen. In actuality, Donald Trump is a real example of an alpha man. Whenever women think of Donald Trump, we automatically associate him with luxury, power and wealth.Although I mentioned that you should demonstrate your value and your personality, that doesn’t mean you should brag about yourself.You can demonstrate your value by talking about your achievements casually.

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My parents aren’t here to offer their own point of view on anything, and they certainly would not approve of me airing out our laundry on the internet for strangers to read and judge.

That means you should be more patient, and most importantly, more persistent.

Just keep asking her out and treating her well, and you’ll be rewarded!

I am attracted to Asian women, but I just never really hit it off with any.

As I grew older, I then found myself extremely attracted to both white and black women as well.

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