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But for the most part, their courtship should be an enjoyable one and should not filled with arguments, anger, mistrust and breakups, or require the assistance of a therapist or counselor to help it "jell." The courtship you described with this woman fits a pattern that many couples experience.They are instantly attracted to each other, but as time goes on they see that they aren't as good a fit as they originally thought.I would like to reconcile, but I know that is impossible. The thought of her with someone else disturbs me and I don't know why. When a courtship is over, the best thing to do is make a clean break, give yourself some time to grieve, and move on in your life.I have sought out the advice of my friends and family, they have all said to make a clean break and end contact. Even though it is counterproductive to constantly look back at this and think about "what might have been if...", there are many ways that you can learn from this experience.There were incidents in my past (involving dating) that bothered her.She told me about her past and sometimes I thought she would make up stories just to get me jealous.Usually, it's because their values or goals are not in sync, or their personalities aren't really compatible.Or, it can be that one of them has a serious negative character trait that becomes apparent later on (or that the other person tried to ignore at first but eventually realized that he or she could no longer do so).

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Before you were dating this woman, you may have wondered if you were capable of developing a loving relationship.

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You should keep your style and find someone who matches it.

For example I hate the yellow construction boots that became popular bc they’re associated to gang members in my mind.

My roommate loves men who wears those bc she grew up with men who bought them for work and so she sees them fondly.

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