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It is easy to become overwhelmed by the breadth of perspectives, narratives, claims and rebuttals competing intensely for the intellectual and moral high ground.

Such contestation begs the questions, ‘How can globalization be studied?

There are globally recognizable brand names and globally accessible products that frequently serve as signifiers and signatures of globalization.

It is a mistake, we believe, to conflate globalization with global uniformity or standardization just as it is a mistake to look for globalization only in patterns of global economic or political convergence network.

Globalization is all too often commonly perceived as an economic phenomenon distinguished by the operations of transnational corporations, global financial markets, global communications and trade.

Global consciousness or awareness is likewise associated with popular opposition to economic globalization, for example street protests at successive World Economic Forums from Seattle to Melbourne and more recently the ‘Occupy Movement,’ marshalled around an anti-corporate narrative that portrayed globalization as merely a means for private capital to subvert democracy.

Indeed, there is evidence of significant de-globalization during the period between World War I (1914–1918) and World War II (1939–1945).

To imagine the global nature of economic relations one must first acknowledge that exchange is contingent upon multiple acts of consumption.

Economic globalization comprises the daily decisions of networked customers and sellers, immersed in the banalities of getting and exchanging through the medium of the market.

A unified global system might well be the logical working through of material processes dating from the fourteenth century or even earlier.

The colonization of the Americas and the colonial domination of Asia and Africa might well be ‘stages’ in an unfolding pattern that we recognize in hindsight as globalization.

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