Dating coach in new york martina navratilova dating 2016

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Next time you feel discouraged by dating in NYC, read this article and maybe it will help you out, too. Could that happen in John Mellencamp’s quaint little hometown? But it also means that when you have a horrible date, there’s near-infinite possibility for the next one to be . Even if you refuse to do anything except “grab a drink” on first dates you can schlep yourself to a new concept restaurant, pop-up mixology bar, or a beautiful rooftop overlooking the city.

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Sometimes it feels like everyone knows everyone in NYC, but there’s quite a bit of anonymity for most of us.

You’ll go on fewer dates, but the ones you do go on will be so. Even when it all goes wrong, you know you’ll get again. It happens after a great first date, when you’re walking home from your subway stop at 3 AM or the city lights are sparkling at you as your Uber crosses the bridge.

When you wake up next to someone you really like and they ask you if you want to check out their favorite breakfast spot down the street.

When you remember that you’re living in your favorite city in the world, full of people you love and others you don’t love yet, but just might soon.

When you think, “Maybe this one will work out.” Or maybe it won’t.

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