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Several of the consultants credited the lingering taboo around online dating.Your mother might tell you to always open the door for your date, or that flowers make the best gifts, but she probably won’t tell you what’s wrong with your Bumble profile.One man shared that he was on a weight-loss journey and was using his Tinder profile to hold him accountable.(“He had in his head like, ‘Oh, once I would lose some weight, I'll be able to replace some of these pictures,’” Baker explained.) Kendra Phillips, 24, a California-based content marketer who sells opening lines, said several clients had volunteered to turn over their passwords and have her run their entire accounts for them. “That could totally be how a catfish happens.”For Sena Schmidt, that’s her everyday life.They realized that most straight guys don’t get a chance to see other men’s dating profiles—which is probably why every guy thinks he’s being original when he writes that he loves watching .“People really don’t go around showing their friends like, hey, can you check on my dating profile?So there’s no sort of check on this of like, hey, that kind of makes me sound like a jerk,” Miller said.“Having a picture with Hooters waitresses when you’re looking for a relationship is probably not a good idea.’” While many of the problems these sellers see are the same, their clientele varies enormously.Some buyers are the usual suspects: Boomers trying to understand the new technology, or awkward introverts who need help putting themselves out there.

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Like ordering a Task Rabbit to clean your home or a Postmate to deliver your dinner, you can now hire a 25-year-old in Taiwan to spice up your dating life.

A former event planner is offering you his best opening lines, while an ex-journalist will run the whole date-seeking operation—from the first swipe to the number exchange—for 0 a week. Not to worry: A clairvoyant psychic is standing by scour Tinder for any traces of your significant other.

With dating apps now dominating the mate-finding market, the gig economy is rising up to meet it.

Pollard is retired and picked up pick-up lines as a hobby.

The price point for the services is low, and Fiverr takes a 20% cut of all profits, so none of them expected to make a living off Tinder consulting.

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