Dating death 2016 hk

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Summons will be issued to witnesses to attend the inquest to give evidence and to produce documents.

Legal representation for a properly interested person is allowed.

As death rates of most diseases are strongly age-dependent, with risk rising with age, direct comparison of crude death rates over time may be very misleading if the underlying age composition of the population being compared has also changed.

The Coroner and jury are not allowed to frame a finding in such a way as to appear to determine any question of civil liability.Claims for civil liabilities and damages should be lodged and heard in the civil law courts.Recommendations may be made if they are designed to prevent the recurrence of similar fatalities, for instance deaths in industrial accidents, to prevent other hazards to life disclosed by evidence at the inquest, or to bring deficiencies in a system or method of work to the attention of a person who may have power to take appropriate action.Properly interested persons or the Secretary for Justice may apply to the Court of First Instance of the High Court for an inquest to be held into a death including, where an inquest has already been held, a new inquest into that death.The jury who served in the first inquest will also serve as the jury for the re-opened inquest.

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