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You’ll find mass-produced mandolins made of laminates priced from under 0 to hand-crafted professional instruments with deluxe appointments and the highest grade tonewoods that carry price tags well north of ,000.

In between those extremes are dozens of moderately priced mandolins, most of which are completely playable and tonally satisfying.

If Gibson/Loar were responsible for the designs of modern mandolins, it was a Kentuckian named Bill Monroe who defined the way the mandolin is played, at least where American roots music is concerned.

The Loar-built F-5 mandolin Monroe bought in 1943 at a Florida barbershop would become the quintessential bluegrass mandolin, and Monroe’s playing style that combined fiddle-type leads with strong, percussive chording would become the gold standard for American country, bluegrass, and roots-music mandolinists.

A resurgence of the mandolin’s popularity in the early 20th century led to the development of the various modern mandolin shapes and designs we know today. S., when American luthiers began making flat-back and arched-top mandolins.

Two pivotal figures were responsible for creating the modern mandolins we associate with bluegrass, country, blues, and jug-band music: Orville Gibson, and his acoustic engineer, Lloyd Loar.

In this buying guide you’ll learn a little history of the mandolin, get to know the various body styles, and find out about the things to look for when choosing your mandolin.

We’ll also offer some tips to help you get started playing the mandolin. A Brief History of the Mandolin Parts of the Mandolin From A to F: Mandolin Body Styles Mandolin Construction Methods and Woods Electric Mandolins Electrifying an Acoustic Mandolin Mandolin Tuning Mandolin Accessories Getting Started Playing the Mandolin Summing Up As with most things, you get what you pay for.

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Tuning pegs: also called tuning machines, machine heads, or tuners, they are geared mechanisms that hold the strings and are used to adjust string tension.

Sound hole: Shapes vary depending on the mandolin model.

The illustrated type is an f-hole, but oval sound holes are also common, and provide the same function of projecting the mandolin’s sound.

Today, players like Chris Thile, David Grisman, Marty Stuart, Vince Gill, Sam Bush, and U.

Srinivas continue to push the boundaries with their excursions into pop, rock, and even Indian Carnatic music.

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