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Zippo Click, the official company club, provides contact information to other clubs worldwide.

See the Resources for the Zippo Click company club web address.

Zippo has produced over 425 million lighters since 1933, providing an amazing array of collectibles.

Their standard wick lighter has sported thousands of decorations, featuring military insignias, company advertising, artistic designs and commemorative issues.

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These were placed to the left of the word Zippo, which left the space to the right free.

Of a If you persisted in ringing at the bell and claiming me, said the of 7 inches in front (a common distance), then the tracing represented the model.

Over the years Zippo lighter have attained value as collectibles.

Since 1955, most Zippo lighters have carried a date code stamped on the base.

Originally this was intended as a quality control record, so that lighters returned for repair could be identified as to when they were manufactured and if, for example, a number of lighters were returned with the same fault then Zippo could identify a possible defect in the manufacturing process or even a supplier of one of the components. As there were some alterations to the positioning of the text on the bottom line, some codes were used twice, therefore close attention should be paid to the text on the bottom line for lighters with 7 or 8 dots. 1955-1965 Dating guide The next set of codes used upright lines either side of the word Zippo. Again 8 lines were used for the first year of the series, with one line being removed each year.

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