Dating of new testament

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How then can we have confidence that the Bible we possess today is the Bible as God inspired and intended it?This is where we are grateful for the discipline of textual criticism.This papyrus fragment, also known as “P52,” is encased within a climate-controlled cabinet located inside the John Rylands Library of Manchester, England.The manuscript fragment was among a group acquired on the Egyptian market in 1920, but not translated until 1934.

The Diatessaron was used as the standard Gospel text in the liturgy of the Syrian Church for two centuries.

Chester Beatty in the 1930s from a dealer in Egypt.

Also known as “P45,” “P46,” and “P47,” they are housed in Beatty’s gift to the world: the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin, Ireland.

The Bible we use today originates from really early historical documents.

Scholars are able to assess the importance of a manuscript by how much of the Bible it includes, and by the date assigned to it.

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