Dating on line the pitfalls

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A while ago, we might have come to believe someone was ‘the one’ because we spent enough time with them to really get to know them - and then might ask them out.Now, we might risk feeling that ‘the one’ is out there, but only if we trawl for long enough.We select specific pictures of ourselves to support this impression.

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In some ways, dating is a somewhat artificial way of getting to know someone.When we meet someone in, say, a pub or at a party, we see what they actually look like, we hear what they actually sound like when they speak, and we pick up on their body language. Of course, real life interactions contain a lot of artificiality too - we all try to present ourselves in a certain way when out and about - but the level and nature of the details can be quite different.As a result, when we come to meet someone that we’ve met online, it can take a while for that sense of artificiality to wear off.Many of us enter the world of dating with some idea of the kind of person we’d like to meet.Being able to scroll through hundreds upon hundreds of profiles online can reinforce the sense that we may, if we look hard enough, meet that exact person.

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