Dating online lies elskede dating dating e mails

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So far, Emma hasn’t told any of her dates the truth.She tells us: ‘I’d rather be honest about my age, but if I do, I’ll never meet anyone – or they’re guys who don’t want kids, or who have kids and don’t want any more.

Anna explains: ‘I just want them to meet me in real life.

Simon was 34 when he arranged to meet a woman who he believed was 33.

He says: ‘Meaning it as a compliment, I told her she didn’t look 33 – and that’s when she said she was actually 36.

‘I broke up with my boyfriend earlier this year, and when I started dating again, I noticed that the calibre of guys I matched with was very different from when I was online dating five years ago,’ she explains.

‘The matches I got as a 38 year old made me feel like I was scraping of the barrel of society.

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