Dating revere ware

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As seen in this photo, -78 is placed beside the size.

She is hoping that this current set will outlast her and she’s 54 years old.

Revere did not change their logo much, once they dropped the “Process Patent” Double Circle logo in 1968, and started using the 1801 profile, and added the pot/pan size.

The one change of much significance is that in 1978 they started adding the year of manufacture.

One customer said that they were very happy to find the 2 Quart Covered Saucepan by itself and not in a set because they needed to replace one that was badly damaged by some burned food.

Not only was it shipped to her fast, it was even better then the old pot. Another customer said that all they use is Revere Ware Copper Bottom pots and pans.

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