Dating right after breakup

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His girlfriend had broken up with him the night before he headed home for the holiday.…

So you recently split from your boyfriend or girlfriend, and the pain of your breakup has you feeling lonely and heartbroken, missing your old flame.

We like what we know and these feelings, even if they’re dysfunctional, feel like home.

This is the Time to Fix What Ails You If you keep bouncing from one relationship to the other without doing any self-work, don’t be surprised if you keep attracting the same type of person.

They couldn’t have been more different in personality – but they really were the same guy underneath it all.If you keep doing the same things you will keep getting the same results.This doesn’t mean, if your last guy had a blue collar job, you need to choose a guy with a white collar job, or if your last guy had blond hair and hated hockey, the next one you pick should have dark hair and love hockey.The main problem is that your ability to be in romantic relationships is impaired and you can’t fix your relationship issues, while you are in a relationship with anyone.You’re Addicted to High Intensity Relationships If you are stuck in a cycle of repeatedly breaking-up and getting back together, then you are addicted to the relationship.

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