Dating single mother child support intimidating flag football team names

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Could be women who got pregnant without being married, which would explain why the woman’s parents aren’t taking care of her—it’s such a shame to the family, especially in uber conservative small towns. Nominally, each spouse should disclose all assets, but it's common for the husband to hide bank accounts and squirrel away money, leaving the wife at loose ends financially. In the nationally known case of 王宝强 he accused the ex-wife of hiding common assets, and he ended up getting all that back, more than the original 50%.A guy I know found such a woman, married her, brought her to the States with her kid, and had another kid. The ex-wife's assistant helped during the process went to jail for fraud.If you do have a stable income, the court decides a percentage.

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It seems that there are a lot of single mothers raising their children by themselves. He has to not only pay child support for his existing kids but also have the burden of taking care of someone else’s Always take what Chinese women say on dating sites with a grain of salt.

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Chinese police often see “domestic” cases as private matters.

Unfortunately, there is generally no attempt to enforce legal agreements after divorce unless people pull strings and produce guanxi and bribes.

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