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They'd known each other for eleven years, and been dating for eight. This time, he's certain, Yukio is falling out of love with him.

Persephone potter saw no end to the torment at the Dursleys.

(Set after 'Questions and Answers' and before 'The Literal Crack Fic.') [All warnings in the tags.] You accidentally fall into a vat of cocaine and overdose from inadvertently inhaling too much of it.

I promise the story makes more sense than the summary. While this is tagged as "No Warnings Apply," this is definitely an angsty fic for the following reasons: accidental drug use, drug overdose, seizures, psychosis related hallucinations, hospitalization, and drug withdrawals.

There is a limit to what one person can handle though, normal or not, and Karma is about to reach his. The fact that monsters exist isn't exactly news and maintining their calm during precarious balancing acts is an absolute must for any good assassin. Yukio doesn't know if he will be the same Rin when he returns or the demon that has been trying to claw its way out for 15 years and must now prepare for the worst. Having returned from their 7 year break in Fairy Sphere, Team Natsu goes on a suspicious mission in hopes to earn some money to help pull the guild out of debt.

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Old enough to adapt quickly to earth-shattering secrets, but not old enough to truly understand all of the hidden implications. More or less the same for my OCs(May contain spoilers, for both my original works and/or the animes) Also, there will be some video games. Like Hayao Miasaki (I’m so sorry if I spelt his name wrong).

Young enough to be a child still when his father (not Satan) sacrifices himself so that Rin can live. Rin takes too long to return from receiving his gift from Shura after the party.

Renzou has supported Yukio through countless depressive episodes.

He knows how to comfort Yukio, when to leave him alone, and usually, how to get the younger man to open up. But this time was different - this time, Yukio refused any help from him.

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