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Customers who received an item that they liked, but felt that they needed to change the size or some other aspect of the product, were told to return the product for a refund and to simply re-order the product with the correct size or options from the website itself in a separate order. I called back and they stated there's nothing they could do. No communication about delay in shipping Phone bot kept hanging up on me First chat rep never returned after telling me she was going to check on my order. Second chat rep tried same thing, but I got nasty until my order was finally canceled after my threatening legal action.The problem with this process is that customers are not provided refunds for the cost of shipping their product, either to their home or back to the company when they are being returned, so when there is no process for an exchange and customers must simply re-order a product, they end up paying for shipping three different times. I finally asked for a manager because all they wanted to do was give me 20% off a future order. I asked for a manager whose 'resolution' was for me to send the product back once it was received (estimated to arrive 1-15-19)! Absolute worst online customer service I have ever encountered - never an apology for what had happened, only excuses, and nothing that really attempted to resolve the issue. I ordered a sweatshirt and received the wrong item.Customized items are final sale and cannot be returned.Any products returned to this company that has been customized or is not in the original condition as detailed above will be donated to charity, and no refund or store credit will be issued to the customer.

If we remove our beer-goggles and take a sobering departure from the relentless news cycle, pop-culture, pundits, analysts, and comedians, this web connecting the two may not be as buried as one might expect. How in the world might someone as well educated as she craft such a distorted outlook?Or the contradistinctive view: Trump is Hitler and Clinton a Victimized woman innocent of wrongdoing.The current President has kindled the flames of that narrative by questioning opponents to Clinton as possible sexists (interesting he didn’t pose such questions to himself when unmercifully attacking her in the Primary before ’08) Yet, when clearheaded, we must realize that Clinton nor Trump—both discernibly flawed—are unworthy of sub-human demonization.Many of us shall be prone to justification of these remarks as we shout, “Trump was only joking about committing felonies, Hillary has actually committed them,” meanwhile being met with the response of “I’m sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails”, and “yeah but Trump is a racist, I’d rather have her than a racist”.And ironically, our irrational defense of the indefensible is Only with this mentality can you manufacture such an outlook where Hillary Clinton is the Devil and Donald Trump God reincarnate, come to ride in on a white horse to take us to the promise land—better yet, come to make that promise land great again.

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