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"From a sociological perspective, single people have a greater need today for some sort of formal intermediary in the dating process.They get married later in life, so they don't have the thriving social network of the college campus or club scene available to them.With 75 million singles in the United States whose time-pressed lives make them prime candidates for matchmaking services, you can see the big business potential.

The dating services industry is a 0 million market and growing, according to market research and consulting firm Marketdata Enterprises Inc.Social Circles, for instance, originally charged clients for each activity."It quickly became apparent the service was worth far more than per activity," says Mc Aden, who now sells memberships at 0 for six months and 0 for one year.They work long hours at demanding careers and have little time to search for a romantic partner.And, finally, due to divorce, many people have to re-enter the singles scene after many years of absence."But today's dating service are no longer stereotypical "video dating" companies.

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