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exams, laughed with friends, avoided the accusing glares of Ginny Weasley and her compatriots, and let spring unfold. Narcissa Malfoy threw a ball for the Hogwarts graduates; whether to go became a hotly debated topic. She sent back boxes with the ashes, or melted remains, of each thing."Merlin, I love her," Graham said to Theo. "We've lived years in the shadows of politics.""Marriage, then? "Friendship.""They do conquer everything," Draco agreed. "I have Ginny Weasley's word on that."Hermione tried not to laugh and instead look very solemn. I find relying on the Weasleys works out well.""Did for Potter," Draco said with his snake-mean smile. If Hermione saw Hannah with her arms wrapped around a shaking Neville Longbottom she didn't say anything. "I don't think any of us are quite feeling our best.""I remember when Draco was Marked," Hermione said.

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She didn't quite trust Riddle not to decide to sever her only real tie to the Muggle world if he thought she was too attached to her parents for his liking and she'd certainly much prefer him not to have a weapon to hand to hold against her throat.

"People talk about blood prejudice but I've truly never seen it. "Hermione sat in the visitor's gallery and beamed at Draco; after he was keyed into his office they posed for pictures in the main Atrium.

She was the pretty, Muggle-born fiancé, the Hogwarts graduate, the rising It girl, and nothing more."The Malfoys have always been lovely to me," she said over and over again. "Imagine if that monster had decided to install one of his stupider followers?

"Politics.""It's been politics since he came back," she said. To go to Narcissa Malfoy's house for a party seemed like a betrayal of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. They debated it at length: nobility versus survival versus a party with aristocrats.

" she asked, watching with some annoyance as he skipped a rock seven times across the surface of the water."Marriage," he said. "So unless you can get some boy from our year to take you – which seems unlikely – or one of the recent Slytherin alums who've also been invited, you're just out of luck anyway.""I could go if I wanted to," Ginny said but Lavender snorted and muttered something about delusional little girls needing to go nibble on their candy quills and let the graduates plan for their adult lives. "I'm not sure why you think I'm some idiot puppet whose strings you can yank with guilt but I'm not.""Filthy traitor," she'd hissed and he'd thrown a glass of juice in her face. The Ravenclaw graduates kept to their neutral stance and, with a pragmatic attitude that would have impressed any Slytherin, all R. That was why the Gryffindors, as a group, weren't sure whether to go. It was their friends, their Housemates, who had fought against Riddle, the Dark Lord, Lord Voldemort.

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