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Nancy and Barbara take the time to get to know their clients and understand what they’re looking for and what they need.

They invest a lot of time and energy into making matches and providing feedback to ensure each client has a great experience. said she had worked with another high-end matchmaker before becoming a client with Elegant Introductions, and the difference between the two companies was like night and day.

Many clients write to the matchmakers to say they’ve gotten engaged or married thanks to Elegant Introductions’ dating service, and those notes hit home with Barbara and Nancy because that’s exactly why they got into the dating industry.

Elegant Introductions does everything possible to remove the friction, effort, and uncertainty from dating, and, judging by the team’s many testimonials, they seem to be successful.

These two professionals know the value of collaboration, and they want to continue learning and growing by reaching out to matchmakers and dating professionals who share similar goals and business models.

Nancy said they can help more people by referring to other leaders in the matchmaking industry and advising each other on the latest tools available.

Nancy and Barbara recently launched Worldwide Matchmaker, a business-to-business database, to connect matchmakers throughout the world and give them easy access to one another’s networks.

Matchmakers can instantly grow their networks and expand their reach by joining this global project.

They’ve launched a forward-thinking matchmaking tool called Worldwide Matchmaker to create a centralized database where matchmaking companies big and small can share their resources.Their personalized introduction service has been responsible for hundreds of matches, relationships, and marriages over the years. In fact, this dynamic duo has become so well-known for their dating expertise that a lifestyle magazine in the Hamptons has asked them to write an advice column for singles.Barbara said many of their clients have second homes in that part of the country, so it suits their matchmaking brand to reach out to people of means and give them the advice they need to date more effectively.“The more we can collaborate as an industry, the better off everyone will be,” Barbara said.“The extent to which we all collaborate and pool our resources together determines our success.

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