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With the update to Windows 10, you got a fancy set of additional features and improve aesthetics but they didn’t come without the unwanted exceptions and errors that we could have lived without.

One such example is the “unexpected store exception” that forces you to restart every time it shows up.

Follow the onscreen steps to complete the uninstallation. Once you perform the above mentioned steps, the chances of this error to come become very low.

If however you are still facing this issue, then there are two other methods that we are going to discuss so get your bug-fixing hats on and continue reading.

If the above method didn’t fix the error for you, then it’s probably your hard drive that’s the guilty party.

We will be running a health diagnostic test using a third-party tool to prove more. Double click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Once it does, launch it and the main window should be able to give you the status of your hard drive.

Now from the device manager window, go to “Sound video and game controllers” and right click on “Conexant Smart Audio” or “IDT High Definition Audio”.

From the list, go ahead and find your anti-virus software.

If you have installed multiple versions of protection software then you should ideally uninstall all of them.

From the list of apps, uninstall everything that you can find related to “Conexant/IDT and Dolby”. Once you have rebooted, you have to download the following driver for the Dolby and audio component from this link: Audio driver (Conexant) for 64 bit Windows- Lenovo G410, G510 Install the downloaded driver and restart your machine.

Once you have reinstalled the latest driver, you should no longer face the unexpected store exception on Windows 10 again.

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