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This removes the need for downloading our Dynamic Update Client.Note: This software must be installed and running at all times in order to continue sending us an update.First, you need to configure port forwarding on your router.You will need to know what port your application uses, and also the internal network IP address of the machine you’re using to serve that application.Next to the hostname that you need to update click “Modify”.

You can verify that this is the correct IP address by visiting Port Check Tool.If the update client gets turned off, or if the computer is shut down or falls asleep, the update client will stop working and we will not receive any updates. If your hostname is showing the correct IP address, but you cannot connect to your device, the next step is to make sure that the hostname is resolving properly.The easiest way to test this is to run an NSLOOKUP command from a Terminal window.How do I avoid manually updating my hostname in the future?In this situation, it is recommended to use an update client that will automatically update the hostnames IP address when it changes.

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