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This RTK activation, in turn, triggers the activation of PI3K molecules inside the cell (PI3K inactivated molecules as gray triangles and PI3K activated ones as red triangles).

(Middle) protrusions ( Next, these three main stages of the process of cell migration are described in greater detail. doi: 10.1038/ni1275 Pub Med Abstract | Cross Ref Full Text | Google Scholar Mak, M., Spill, F., Kamm, R.

Thus, cell migration on 2D surfaces has been widely studied and is typically characterized by a balance between counteracting traction and adhesion forces (Sunyer et al., 2016; Escribano et al., 2018).

Two sources of stochasticity in cell migration are associated to the chemosensing mechanism: the evolution of the chemically reacting system (defined by Equation 1 for the proposed model) and the activation of RTKs based on the concentration of chemoattractant molecules surrounding the cell. Two competing evaluation metrics based on the Bhattacharyya coefficient have been defined in order to fit the model parameters. Available online at: Scholar Martinez-Cantin, R., de Freitas, N., Brochu, E., Castellanos, J., and Doucet, A. A Bayesian exploration-exploitation approach for optimal online sensing and planning with a visually guided mobile robot. These metrics evaluate how accurately the in silico model is replicating in vitro measurements regarding the two main variables quantified in the experimental data (number of protrusions and the length of the longest protrusion). Therefore, the chemical reactions defined by Equation (1) are assumed to be stochastic processes described by a Poisson distribution (Ueda and Shibata, 2007). This premise makes possible to consider receptor activation over a domain with varying concentration of factor F to be a multivariate non-homogeneous Poisson's distribution.

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