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The Pediatrician's question and answer session was extremely informative and helpful."Jessica, Class attendee“This was such a great class and really opened my eyes to topics I was unsure about.

I didn’t think we would be covering so much useful information in such a short amount of time.

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Your Breastfeeding class will cover: Who should attend? Each reservation guarantees you one seat for the class.

We offer the same educational opportunity to expectant mothers and for the comfort of others mothers to be, other caretakers will not be allowed to come.

Here's a quote that speaks to me - I hope it brings all women who are in an ANR some peace. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

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When the baby sucks its mother's breast, a hormone called oxytocin compels the milk to flow from the alveoli (lobules), through the ducts (milk canals) into the sacs (milk pools) behind the areola and then into the baby's mouth Changes early in pregnancy prepare the breast for lactation.

Like everything in life, some things come easy to some women, and others struggle for years.

Whether its finding a partner, having a baby or getting a job, it just feels like some women have it all and others never seem to get it right. Some of us will have milky breasts right from go, and others will take a concotion of hormones and medicines, will pump and massage regularly only to be disappointed over and over.

Before pregnancy the breast is largely composed of adipose (fat) tissue but under the influence of the hormones estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, and other hormones, the breasts prepare for production of milk for the baby. Pigmentation of the nipples and areola also increases.

Size increases as well, but breast size is not related to the amount of milk that the mother will be able to produce after the baby is born.

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