Frum dating site

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When these changes take place the couple begins to develop a sense of fun and passion about the relationship.

This excitement does not always happen immediately and can take several dates.

The only way this similarity can be stimulated is by spending time with members of the opposite sex at the correct stage of development.

Young men and women go through a biological and psychological maturational change that is driven by hormones in their early to mid twenties.

But the Talmud in Kiddushin (41a) states that prospective spouses must meet to determine their compatibility for a proper marriage to occur. Unfortunately, there have been some changes to the system in recent years that have led to rising stress in a process that should contain both fun and excitement despite the seriousness of the goal.

Several important psychological triggers have to occur.

These include developing a degree of comfort in communicating with the other person, being physically attracted and sensing a degree of personality similarity.

The intensity of the first level of passion begins to dissipate and two different neurotransmitters start their work.

These chemicals set the stage for a more balanced cooperative and affiliative feeling to develop.

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